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Denver Christmas 2009


For only the second time in the past 14 years, Geri and I stayed in Denver for Christmas. Geri’s sister, Melani flew in from Phoenix, Ariz. and our friends Paul and Margie arrived from Basalt, Colo. A couple of local friends, Mark and Neil, rounded out the holiday party.

Happy New Year, Kent

Chinle and our gnome Norm kept an eye out for our guests

Chinle and Norm the gnome, kept an eye out for our guests.

Geri checks out a present, a book about her and her New York cousin Jeanne.

Geri checks out a present, a book about her and her New York cousin, Jeanne.

Jackson, Margie and Paul

Jackson, Margie and Paul's dog takes a break after the drive over the mountains.

I ended up wearing Jackson

I ended up wearing Jackson's moose antlers.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Marys and Mimosas got the party started.


Cody, a neighbors dog that I was watching for the holiday.

I watched over Cody, a neighbors dog, for a few days during the holiday.

Norm our gnome lights up our front window.

Norm lights up the front window.

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