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Gregg’s SF Birthday weekend

See a slideshow of cool pictures from Gregg’s SF Birthday Weekend!

I often get asked if I’m working on any personal photography projects, and with a straight face I usually respond with, “my life ” – it’s the only long term project that I’m currently working on.

I also get asked about my favorite camera. Again with a straight face I say, “the one in my hand at any given moment.”

Documenting my own life, friends, family and pets sounds easy, but all too often the only time we take out a camera is for the trips to Italy, New York, or to cover weddings.

Now with camera phones, point and shoot cameras and SLR’s, it’s not only easy to capture real pictures, but fun to get everyone involved. The pictures on this blog post were taken over a long weekend in San Francisco, celebrating the birthday of my longtime friend, Gregg. We’ve been friends since I started college and photography has always been a common thread in our lives.

Wandering around San Francisco with cameras in hand was a blast. It gave us an excuse to simply slowdown and play around with people, animals and places, creating memories of the little moments that really make up our lives.

Cheers to good friends and personal photography, Kent

Photo by Geri Meireis

Photo by Geri Meireis

Photo by Gregg Foss

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