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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Last weekend I helped my good friend John Hudetz photograph Chantelle and Tim’s wedding in Breckenridge. The ceremony was held in the historic chapel at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. St. Mary’s

The receptions was held at Ten Mile Station up on the ski mountain. Ten Mile Station

John and I have worked together so many times that we can communicate non-verbally and not miss a beat. It’s a wonderful feeling to work with friends that are totally in snych.

One of John’s best talents is working with families and bridal parties. He is such a nice, gentle person whom I can learn a lot from.

Next week John will be helping me photograph Rachel and Ben’s wedding in Vail.

Cheers, Kent

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Hello recently I helped my friend Joanna Pinneo photograph Brittany and Will’s wedding in Boulder at the First Presbyterian Church. Church

Over the past few years, I’ve photographed a few wedding with Joanna. We’ve been friends and fellow journalists for many years. Joanna

Being the second photographer at a wedding is funniest job imaginable. I get to do what I want from start to finish capturing natural moments. It’s amazing because you don’t have to ask a lot questions or talk too much. You just lay back let the action flow. Perhaps that why I made so many of my favorite images black and white.

The reception was held at the Omni Interlocken Resort near Boulder. Omni

Cheers, Kent

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A couple of weeks ago, I climbed Mt. Harvard, the third highest peak in Colorado at 14,420 feet. A couple of buddies from Kansas, Randy and Logan, joined me for this three-day and two-night adventure. Randy and I went to high school together in Wichita and Logan is Randy’s nephew, who is in college studying to be a photojournalist.

After a big lunch at the Evergreen Cafe in Buena Vista, we took a the 4-wheel drive road to the trail head into the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness. It took us about 3 hours to hike up to where we set up camp just below timberline, with a stream running near by and plenty of firewood. When the full moon began to rise, the temperatures dropped, so we stayed close to the fire while we planned our climb up Mt. Harvard the next day.

In the morning we had bacon and eggs for breakfast before starting our three-hour climb to the summit. Harvard is considered a moderate climb because the last 100 feet are hand and foot climbing in boulders. This was the fourth time I’ve climbed the mountain and the first time Randy and Logan have ever climbed a 14-er! The feeling of accomplishment and the spectacular 360 degree view was a great reward.

On the way down, we stopped at Bear Lake so I could try to catch a trout for dinner, but a thunder storm rolled up the valley and we decided to cut the fishing off after 15 minutes and head for camp.

It rained on and off all night so when the storm broke about 9AM we packed up and headed down the trial in about half the time it took to hike up.

Cheers, Kent

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