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Jenna DiManna and Jarret Guptill were married at September 10, 2011 at The Lionsgate Event Center at The Gatehouse in Lafayette Colorado.

This was a rather intense wedding! There was so much raw emotion and drama playing out around every corner. And the setting sun beaming strong into the ceremony added to the effect and matched up well like a well paired dinner wine.

After the ceremony, during the cocktail reception, Jenna and Jarret’s friends band, Places played a fun rock and roll set before pausing to invite the happy couple up to receive a signed guitar as a wedding gift. These guys are no slouches. Their classic rock and roll set included songs by Tom Petty and Led Zeppelin. They debuted an eleven song CD of original songs, Where We Are Right Now, in 2010. The wedding slideshow is set to their song, Love Someone.

Cheers to Jenna and Jarret!


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