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Mimi and Lauren’s engagement session almost didn’t happen because the road to the top of Mt. Evans was closed. Mimi quickly came up with the idea to drive up Clear Creek Canyon to a spot on the river where she kayaks and where Lauren rock climbs. We caught the last of the light in the canyon as they toasted to their adventures past and future.

We then decided to travel to another location to catch the scenic beauty of the mountains and plains at sunset. Again, Mimi picked the perfect spot: the City of Boulder open space in the high plains grasslands, with the Front Range foothills in the distance. As we drove up, a rain storm was blowing in. After a few quick pictures, we sat out the rest of the storm while finishing the last of the champagne with cheese and crackers.

Mimi and Lauren will be married on September 27th in Edwards, Colorado.

Cheers, Kent

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