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Recently I photographed the Special Olympics Colorado State Basketball Championships at Gold Crown Fieldhouse. All the athletes from the little kids to the adults gave it everything they had often two games back to back. From the opening ceremony to the award presentations and even during the timeouts, I was spinning around capturing action, reaction, jubilation, and honest emotions.

Cheers to the Colorado Special Olympians celebrating their own version of March Madness!


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A couple of weeks ago I photographed the Colorado Special Olympics Winter Games. The skating events were held at South Suburban Ice Arena in Denver while the skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing events were held at Copper Mountain.

Covering winter sports makes for long cold days of standing around on ice and snow but the rewards of heart warming pictures of both the athletes and volunteers are worth every frozen moment.

Cheers, Kent

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing the Special Olympics Colorado 2012 State Basketball Championships at Gold Crown Field House in Lakewood.

True confession here, I’ve never really considered myself a sports photographer. Seriously! I’ve covered sports of all different levels from pro football to little league baseball and everything in between but I’m more of what I consider a feature photographer, or a personal photographer.

Documenting this tournament reminded me of why I enjoy photographing weddings. I get a front row seat. Actually, I got an all access pass allowing me to moved around a lot getting close to athletes and coaches just like I do with families at weddings. The honest emotions and feelings from this perspective feeds my soul.

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