Kent Meireis Wedding Photography specializes in wedding photojournalism documenting destination weddings worldwide and Montana locations in particular.

After working as a newspaper staff photographer including 8 years with The Denver Post, I fell in love with photographing weddings and launched Kent Meireis Wedding Photography.

I want my images to be honest. They should capture expressions, emotions and personalities with a distinct eye for content, light and contrast. Photography is how I communicate with others, how I tell stories that are timeless and truthful, preserving them for future generations.

I see my photography as a collaboration – a visual conversation between myself and those who invite me into their lives. My style of photography is dependent on the willingness of those I photograph to allow me in, to be open for my camera. I am interested in recording the nuances that might be missed in this fast-paced world.

What intrigues me most is the beauty in everyday life. Whether I am photographing a child, a family, or a wedding celebration; I am attempting to capture those simple, honest moments when the human spirit peeks through.

Specialties: My specialty is telling stories with pictures.

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