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Cyndi and Brandon’s Maroon Bells/Aspen Wedding

See a short slideshow from Cyndi and Brandon’s wedding day in pictures.

Cyndi and Brandon were married August 25, 2012 at the Maroon Bells near Aspen, Colorado.

Beginning with our first phone conversation, I knew Cyndi and Brandon were going to have a wedding that would be picture perfect. I just didn’t know exactly how the pictures would come together. Sure, I knew their two dogs and their mountain bikes would be part of the ceremony. Originally the wedding party was going to include Cyndi and Brandon, a guitarist, an officiant and me. In total, about 15 people attended the destination mountain wedding in Aspen.

Cyndi and Brandon chose one of the most picturesque locations in Colorado for their ceremony, The Maroon Bells. That alone would make most weddings special, but their wedding day included a series of fun moments from Cyndi and the girls getting ready at Salon Tullio in Aspen, to their dogs, Layla and Roxi, acting as ring bearers during the ceremony.

Layla, Brandon’s German Shepard and Roxi, Cyndi’s Vizsla, delivered the rings and were being held on leashes by the officiant, Mary, a personal friend. Layla got spooked and when she bolted, Mary was sent to the ground with a thud. Everyone held their breaths for a moment until Mary sprang up laughing. I didn’t see it coming but I was in the right place and fired my camera capturing a couple of reflex pictures, while my friend and videographer, Henry Mares, caught the whole thing perfectly in a way that still pictures just can’t.

We ended the shoot at Maroon Lake where Cyndi managed take a ride on the beach while still dressed in her wedding finery.

Cheers to Cyndi and Brandon who came from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to be married at one of my favorite wedding sites.





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