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Jordan and Katie’s Engagement

Last week I had a really fun engagement session photographing Jordan and Katie at different locations in the Platte River Valley and Daniels Park in Highlands Ranch.

It was a really hot afternoon so we headed over to the Platte River to wade in the cool water from a sandy beach. It was hard to believe we were in the city.

Next we went to one of my favorite ice cream vendors, Little Man Ice Cream a few blocks away.

After walking around the neighborhood and back along the river we drove south to Highlands Ranch where Katie grew up. Katie has always loved Daniels Park. As a kid she remembers seeing buffalo grazing the hills. I’d never been to this park which is one of the largest parks in the Denver Mountain Park systems. It has one of the best views of the Front Range I’ve ever seen. There were just enough clouds on the horizon to give us a beautiful sunset.

Cheers, Kent

A runner cools off by using his shoe to pour water over his head.

There was a nice cool breeze along the Platte River.

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