Kami and Kevin’s Keystone Mountain Wedding

Kami Theimer and Kevin McMamanon were married on Mozart Deck at Keystone Resort August 13, 2011.

This was one of the most difficult weddings I’ve ever photographed. Not because they were difficult clients or the weather was bad but because of the phone call I received just before I drove up to Keystone from Denver. My sister called to tell me that my mother had passed away that morning. It wasn’t unexpected. She had a stroke in May and never really recovered. I spent a week with her in July. After that she was in and out of the hospital and then came home to die under hospice care. Both of my sisters were there for her final week. Even knowing this was coming, and having photographed more funerals and memorial services than I will ever photograph weddings, thanks to 20-years of working for news papers, I still didn’t know how hard it would hit me. I cried most of the drive up and somehow managed to catch up with Kami in the middle of the mountain. As it turned out, having a fun wedding to photograph, took my mind off of my life and gave me an opportunity to focus on the good energy generated by two people so in love that a 15 – inch tear in her wedding dress didn’t even take the smile off Kami’s face. The only time during their wedding day that I had trouble with was during the ceremony when Kevin’s brother, the officiant, mentioned the couple’s family members who had passed away. Tears welled up in my eyes and I paused and took a few deep breaths before I was able to see straight and focus.

I didn’t tell Kami and Kevin about my mother because I didn’t want to spoil their wedding day. I did mention it to Rami Carter, their wedding planner, floweriest and designer, with Pick Me. Rami was understanding and glad that I was able to keep it together and document their beautiful mountain top ceremony and reception at the Alpenglow Stube which was another gondola ride from Mozark Deck.

Rami apparently mentioned the fact that my mother had passed to Kami and she gave me a warm hug after we finished a portrait session just after sunset with a rain, lighting and thunder storm approaching.

Congratulations Kami & Kevin!

Cheers, Kent


  • Mark Cafiero - September 27, 2011 - 8:09 PM

    Amazing photos as always, Kent and way to be a pro under such difficult situations. It looks like you were at least in the company of good people. Peace to you and your family.

  • Casie - September 27, 2011 - 8:36 PM

    Wow Kent, you are inspiring! A true professional who gets the job done (well, by the way) no matter the circumstances. Way to pull through considering the circumstances. Sorry about the loss of your mother.

    Casie Zalud, a Boulder Wedding Photographer

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