Megan and Rob’s Engagement Photo Session

Megan and Rob’s engagement photo session was really more about their life with their babies Boj and Rigsby. Boj and Rigsby are Newfoundland dogs with as much character as size. And they are huge boys. When they were walking the dogs in Rocky Mountain National Park they looked like black bears on leashes. Megan says that when they take the boys any where they have to give themselves lots of extra time because people always stop them and want to know more about these big lovable dogs. Newfies are known for being water rescue dogs but these two might be best know for their tender hearts as therapy dogs. Megan takes them to Craig Hospital in Denver every week to meet patients who’ve suffered head injuries.

The photo session started rather auspiciously. We had arranged to meet at the Chapel at St. Malo near Estes Park. Megan was getting a trial wedding hair do that morning and it didn’t go so well. She and Rob were running late while I’m hanging out shooting iphone pictures of the famous church when I realized that there was absolutely no cell phone service in that area so I drove towards Estes Park until I picked up enough service to at least leave them both phone messages. This was the first time we were to meet in person and it was only a couple of weeks before their wedding at Wild Basin Lodge on Oct. 9, 2011.

Once we finally found each other at Lilly Lake, in Rocky Mountain National Park, we got the party started with the sun out and a view of Longs Peak in the background. We ended up going back to St. Malo since that is where Megan and Rob actually got engaged. Then I came up with the bright idea to go deep into Rocky Mountain National Park to the high meadows above timberline on Trail Ridge Road.

There was a light dusting of snow on the ground as storm clouds cleared giving us a cool but dramatic view of the high peaks in the park and Boj and Rigsby loved playing in the first snow of the season!

Back down in Estes Park at sunset we decide to have dinner and beers to celebrate a beautiful fall day in the mountains. We parked our cars and bedded down the dogs.  As we were going into the restaurant we saw a herd of elk hanging out which is common in Estes Park but still pretty cool. That’s when things started to get really interesting. A bull elk was being challenged by another bull. The bull with his herd of females started walking quickly and then took off running and jumped over a fence chasing the other bull off. He then came strutting back stopping to get a drink of water in a pond while the other bull elk made a scene thrashing his horns tearing up willows a 1oo yards away.

The elk trotted back to his herd coming with in 20 feet of Megan and Rob who were about to jump in the bed of a parked truck.

Needless to say we had plenty to talk about over beers and steaks at The Rock Inn Mountain Tavern their favorite restaurant in Estes.

I’ll be posting a story and slideshow from their wedding in a couple of weeks so please check back to see how Boj and Rigsby played ring-bearers in their ceremony!

Cheers, Kent

Saint Catherine of Siena Chapel at Saint Malo near Estes Park.

Boj and Rigsby.


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