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Ordination Celebration of Father John Nepil

Click here to see a short slideshow of Father John Nepil’s ordination celebration at Mount Vernon Country Club on top of Lookout Mountain.

I came to know John thanks to his sister Katie whose wedding I will be photographing in July. Katie told me about her brothers ordination and asked me if I would photograph it. A month or so later while climbing Mt. Sneffel’s in southern Colorado, I met John who was climbing the 14,150 foot mountain with a group of seminary students from Denver.¬† As it turns out he’s quiet a climber and has done many more peaks than me. Each table at the dinner had a picture of a different peak John had climbed with a special story written about each climb. Celebrations such as this teach me so much about people, their families and their friends. The stories they shared really painted a picture of what will make him a wonderful priest. Blessings from a newly minted priest are said to hold extra special meaning and Father John Nepil blessed everyone.

Now that he’s an ordained priest, Father Nepil, plans to hold a mass on top of each mountain he climbs. We’re are going to try and do a climb together this summer weather and schedules permitting. I’m sure that it will provide me with not only interesting pictures but more importantly to witness this man give a homily in gods country.

Cheers, Kent

Katie hugs her brother after receiving his blessing.

Father John Nepil does a little dance taking a family history picture with his mother's side of his family.

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