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Sangree’s Hut

Hello, last weekend was our annual 10th Mountain Division Hut trip. This year we went to Sangree’s Hut which is between Leadville and Copper Mountain, and then about a 4-mile hike up hill to just below timberline at 11,630 feet elevation. 10th Mountain Division

Our group of 13 used snow shoes, x-country skis or snow mobiles. Our friend, Darrell, drove his snow machine and pulled a sled with our packs on it so we could have a nice, easy hike in. Snow mobiles are allowed within 200 yards of the huts.

Two full days of hanging out, cooking, eating, hiking to the summit, playing cards and other games goes too quickly and before you know it, it’s time to hike out. This year the weather was sunny and warm – I guess that’s what one would expect for the first day of spring.

Click here if you would like to see a short slide show of our adventure.Sangree’s Hut

Here are links to some of our previous hut trips/slide shows on my old blog.¬† Harry Gates Hut, Uncle Bud’s Hut.

Cheers, Kent

Nancy Broome hikes past trail markers to the hut.











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