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Santa Fe Century

Jodi and Geri high-five at sunrise before the ride.

Geri has been training with a group of friends from the Colorado Athletic Club DTC for the past couple of months, to ride the Santa Fe Century . Last week we took a long weekend to drive down to Santa Fe, New Mexico, for the ride and enjoy the food, art, and ambiance. Juli and John Wiese lead the group training. Juli is a spin instructor at the club – her weekend career.

One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to the Tesuque Pueblo Flea Market. Even though it’s on the reservation, it’s not really an Indian market. We’ve been to this flea market many times over the years. Juli and John introduced us to an artist friend, Kelly Moore, and his rather large booth/studio space. I’m still not sure how to describe Kelly’s style but it reminds me of the writer, Hunter Thompson. John bought a cool piece for his office while I snuck a few pictures, as cameras weren’t allowed on the grounds.

Over the years I’ve covered quite a few long bike rides. This was the first time I’d photographed the Santa Fe Century. There were a couple of interesting features to the ride including Heart Break Hill with it’s 18% grade/climb for a half-mile. Juli recommended to simply gear all the way down, stand up and pedal. The most fun part of the ride was roller coaster road – 15 miles of rollers against a stark landscape.

At the finish line, while waiting for each rider in the CAC group to finish, I asked John what it felt like to complete a 100-mile course. John is an “animal” and finished the century faster than I did while driving! He said it provides a “riders high” when you finish. The last person in our group to ride in was Susan, and this was her first century. Wow, she was more excited than anyone else, smiling, laughing and crying. That’s when I began to understand what John had said about the riders high.

Cheers, Kent

For a short slideshow click here.

It was raining and cool during the drive to Santa Fe. But ride day was beautiful.

Juli and John on the way to dinner at The Shed.

Geri's Santa Fe breakfast.

Juli and John celebrate the purchase of a painting at the flea market.

Kelly Moore's paint palate at his flea market studio.

It was tough going up Heart Break Hill.

Some riders switch-backed up Heart Break Hill, while others walked their bikes.

Juli gives Susan a congratulatory hug after Susan finished the century.

I couldn't resist.

Derek, 19, was the youngest rider in our group.

  • barry - June 10, 2010 - 6:30 PM

    Great post Kent. Always nice to see good pj, including the non-authorized camera use and the “can’t resist” photo. 1 question however: That can’t be a real Santa Fe breakfast without the eggs and beans being smothered in green chile, can it?

  • kent - June 10, 2010 - 6:43 PM

    Hi Barry, glad you enjoyed the post! It’s good to hear from you. That was Geri’s breakfast not mine. It photographed better. Green chile and long bike rides might not be a great combination.
    Cheers, Kent

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