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Vance’s Cabin 10th Mountain Division Hut Trip 2011

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Our annual 10th Mountain Division hut trip was last weekend. This year we went to Vance’s Cabin near Leadville, Colorado. The trail-head starts in the parking lot at Ski Cooper.

I wasn’t able join the group on Friday because of an assignment in Denver so I headed up on Saturday morning. Before I got out of the parking lot several of my friends were there to greet me and/or go get more beer. We ended up at the bar at Ski Cooper for lunch.

It was a warm sunny day and only a 3 mile hike, ski or snowshoe to the cabin. The best part of the going in was the last half mile skiing down to the hut. I was able to give my backpack to a friend on snowshoes was I could try to telemark ski down the hill on classic cross country gear. It was a quick run as I skied on the top layer of snow.

Everyone was on the deck enjoying the sun when I arrived in time to get the party started. It was Geri and I’s night to cook dinner and since we did most of the cooking in advance I got off easy. We made paella, a Spanish rice dish.

The hike/ski out the next morning was easy as it was mostly downhill and it was another gorgeous warm Colorado blue sky day. Our group is already busy planning next years hut trip.

Cheers, Kent

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Lindley Hut

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Peter Estin Hut in Summer

Photo by Geri Meireis

Self portrait. That's me on the right.

Sunrise view from the front deck.

Hut breaskfast of champions!

Cinnamon Scone'

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